Lending Library

Lending Library

Welcome to the West End Well Co-op Lending Library

We have all been inspired and influenced by amazing books and films; they have clarified our understanding of the world, informed our decisions, and connected us with our communities.

The West End Well Lending Library is a specialized collection of books generously donated by individuals, endeavouring to:

  • share knowledge and resources
  • inform and inspire.
  • nourish the Co-op’s values of Community, Sustainability and Empowerment.

The Books
The main library is in the upstairs meeting room with a sample of books in the Café. Because our café and grocery are currently closed, you may view the collection catalogue online (www.westendwell.ca) under Programs/Lending library. If you are interested in borrowing books, please contact library@westendwell.ca.



Who can Borrow books

If you are interested in borrowing books, please contact library@westendwell.ca.
Contributing Books

To Contribute Books

If you have books you would like to contribute to the library – either as a donation or long-term loan - we welcome books, journals, DVDs in the broad category of sustainable living  i.e. – ecology, nature, food, local food systems, permaculture, food justice, community economic development, environmental sustainability, community building, renewable energy, spiritual ecology, children’s books. -- on nature and any of the above categories suitable for young readers.

If you are unsure about whether your donations fit the broad category of Sustainable Living, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are unable to pick up books. We do not have space for textbooks, magazines and books not related to sustainable living. Please consider donating other books to St. Vincent or the Salvation Army.

Please contact library@westendwell.ca to arrange for drop off, or for all inquires, comments and ideas.